LabExpert: Next-Generation Laboratory Automation and Comprehensive Solutions

LabExpert LIMS system streamlines lab processes for improved efficiency. Manage front desk tasks, track deliveries, and maintain lab information all in one place. Focus on work, not admin tasks!

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Enhance Every Step of Your Diagnostic Operations with LabExpert

Our LIMS with Instrument automation is feature-rich and can significantly reduce your lab's turnaround time (TAT). Let's learn more about how our LabExpert can
help you at each step of your lab journey.

Patient Management

All Patient Bookings In One Place

Discover a comprehensive solution that transforms patient management, from registration to sample collection, all within a unified platform. LabExpert is providing a seamless laboratory experience with user-tailored forms, automated communication, and integration with online payment systems. Elevate your B2B partnerships and patient interactions with our diverse set of features.

Configurable Forms

Tailor forms for patients and orders, ensuring a personalized experience.

Generate Reports, Billing & Payment

Simplify administrative tasks with automated reporting and billing features.

Package & Promotions

Explore diverse packages and promotions to enhance service offerings.

Explore AI Enabled Features

The AI enabled Patient Management module transforms healthcare by automating data analysis and optimizing patient records. Through this, it enhances diagnostic precision, streamlines workflows, and facilitates personalized care. This innovative technology ensures efficient healthcare delivery and empowers medical professionals with data-driven insights.

Health Issue Monitoring

Keep track of patients' health issues with LabExpert's AI capabilities.

Graphical Data Presentation

Visualize data through graphical representations for enhanced analysis.

Timely Follow-ups & Reminder

Improve patient care with automated follow-ups and reminders.

Auto Approval Of Data

Streamline the approval process for range-bound investigations.

Improve The Patient Booking Experience

We offer smart and multiple booking options for your patients, complete with flexible features and benefits. This simplifies the patient registration process and reduces time consumption.

Self-Patient Registration Through Portal

Eliminate lengthy queues in the waiting room and repetitive tasks at the front desk by introducing self-registration via a portal.

Unique Slot Availability

Simplify appointment scheduling across all centers. It provides adjustable controls for booking times and working hours. Using this, labs can anticipate orders, enhance management and plan capacity accordingly.

Capture The Medical History Of Patients

Ensure clinical compliance and optimize registrations. Minimize redundancy during registrations by automatically capturing patients' medical history through EHR and other essential documents.

Email, SMS & Whats App Communication To Patients

Integrate communication with patients via Email, SMS and WhatsApp (Add-ons). The module ensures timely and personalized communication, fostering a patient-centric approach to healthcare management.

Seamless Offline and Online Payment Experience

LabExpert allows you to offer swift and convenient payment options for patients, whether they visit the lab or choose home collection services.

Online Payment Integration

Experience the convenience and simplicity of secure online payments featuring payment gateway integration. This ensures smooth and cashless transactions for test bookings across all types of orders.

POS Machine Integration

If the API document is available, LabExpert can easily integrate with POS Machines.

Offline Payments Controls

Enhance the cash payment experience with complete control over discounts.

Dedicated Patient Portal and Communication

Digitize the booking experience by providing report access through the patient portal. Automate communication and notifications to minimize waiting time for report collection using our software solution.

Dedicated Patient Portal

Ease patients' access to their reports through a secure patient web portal. Additionally, the portal enables easy storage of essential health-based documents for the patients.

Automate Communication With Patients

Automate patient communication with reminders for appointments, alerts for tests, notifications for payments, and messages regarding bill dues. Additionally, our software allows you to deliver reports online through WhatsApp integration (Add-ons), SMS, and emails.

Patient Trends

Utilize health history and clinical records to help patients understand changing health trends through graphical representations.

Personalized and Automated Reminders To Patients

Patient satisfaction relies on effective communication. Employ automated patient reminder systems to keep informed at every stage of the patient journey, ensuring optimal patient care and a highly valued patient experience.

Online Patient Booking System With Notifications

Automate patient communication with reminders for appointments, alerts for tests, notifications for payments and messages regarding bill dues. Furthermore, our software facilitates the delivery of reports online through WhatsApp integration, SMS and emails.

Deliver Digital Reports On WhatsApp

Automatically distribute digital medical reports to integrated devices for patients. Additionally, gather patient feedback to enhance the responsiveness and customer-centric nature.

Personalize Your Patient Communication

Enrich the patient engagement journey through our solution by tailoring messages and promotions for a lifelong connection with patients.

Home Collection

Make Lab Home Visits Seamless For Your Patients

Facilitate patients with the convenience to schedule lab home visit appointments at their preferred time. Enable them to track the process and provide feedback for better experience.

Online Slot Booking

Provide patients enhanced visibility to book home collection appointments online, including additional details about time, working hours, center contacts, and more.

FeedBack Management

Gather feedback from patients to enhance service delivery and improve the overall lab-at-home experience for your patients.

Home Collection Management Platform To Improve Lab Admin Work

Effortlessly schedule home sample collections with our home collection module. This aids lab administrators in efficiently organizing task assignments for phlebotomists, including fixed area definitions, tracking, and more.

Area & Time Management

Comprehend the capacity for home visit requests and allocate phlebotomists for visits with specified area and time requirements to enhance workload distribution efficiency.

Lead Management

Schedule home collection appointments by providing patient details and enabling phlebotomists to add tests on-site during the collection process.

Tracking Phlebos & Planning

Effectively plan and assign phlebotomists to upcoming orders by considering their real-time status, location, and availability through our phlebotomist booking system.

Simplify The Home Sample Collection Process

LabExpert simplifies the home sample collection process with user-friendly procedures. This feature enhances patient convenience, streamlining sample collection logistics and contributing to an efficient and patient-centric healthcare experience.

Capture All Home Visit Requests

Seize full control of home collection orders from your lab through a dedicated dashboard. Assign phlebotomists based on their availability and manage them swiftly.

Assign Visits Phlebotomists In Real Time

Assign phlebotomists to your upcoming orders considering their real-time status, location, and availability. Gauge the capacity for home visit requests, plan efficiently, and distribute their workload equally.

Collect Samples & Payments

Empower phlebotomists with comprehensive order details, including area and location support, payment options, sample collection choices, and more—all through our dedicated software.

Get Status Alerts

Provide patients with timely service to track the real-time location of the phlebotomist. Automatically send information such as booking alerts, payment status, and more to patients throughout their journey.

Sample Management

Streamline the Order Journey and Eliminate Redundancy

Enhance laboratory testing by optimizing sample processing and automating tasks. This leads to reduced costs and improved test accuracy. Employing a Laboratory Information Management System is a robust solution for efficiently managing samples and optimizing lab turnaround time management, smooth operations and dependable results.

Capture Orders

Adeptly capture orders, establishing a systematic approach to sample tracking. This boosts accuracy, diminishes errors and streamlines the entire sample lifecycle, ensuring precision in laboratory processes and aiding in order management.

Set Auto-Alerts

Establish auto-alerts for timely notifications related to sample processing (Urgency/Rejection/Repeat etc.). This functionality minimizes delays and fosters proactive management, contributing to a streamlined and responsive laboratory workflow.

Dispatch Reports Digitally

Facilitate the digital dispatch of reports. This feature improves ease of use, reduces turnaround times and ensures efficient communication of critical information, optimizing overall laboratory operations.

Ease Your Test Sample Accessioning

Print and label samples with barcodes play a pivotal role in the sample management process, covering identification, segregation, outsourcing, and archiving. Through barcode labels, you can swiftly distinguish which samples meet quality criteria and make decisions on whether to accept or reject them.

Sample Barcoding

Integrate unique barcodes for each sample to improve tracking and minimize errors during processing. Efficiently link samples to patient records for accurate identification throughout the laboratory workflow.

Segregation & Quality Checks

Implement segregation protocols to categorize samples based on specific criteria, streamlining subsequent processing stages. Conduct automated quality checks to maintain data integrity, identifying and flagging deviations from established standards.

Automate Sample Archival

Automate the archival process, allowing for systematic storage and retrieval of samples as needed. Implement a secure and organized archival system, reducing the risk of sample misplacement and facilitating efficient sample retrieval for future analyses.

Streamline Sample Processing

Enhance laboratory testing efficiency through the optimization of sample processing and the automation of tasks. This leads to reduced costs and improved test accuracy. Utilizing a LIMS presents a robust solution for efficiently managing samples and optimizing lab turnaround time management, ensuring seamless operations and dependable results.

Batch Processing

Streamline large-scale sample processing by grouping similar samples for efficient handling. Improve workflow through simultaneous processing of multiple samples, optimizing laboratory resources.

Sample Process Tracking

Implement real-time tracking mechanisms to monitor each sample's progress through various processing stages. Enhance transparency by providing stakeholders with instant updates on sample location and status.

Turnaround Time Management

Set and monitor Turnaround Time (TAT) goals for each processing step. Receive alerts for potential delays, allowing for proactive intervention and timely completion of analyses.

Complete Process Automation

From intake to archival, reduce manual intervention and human errors. Improve overall efficiency by integrating with other laboratory instruments and systems.

Quick and Easy Lab Reporting

Optimize the test report entry through our user-friendly reporting. Our LabExpert empowers you to collect vital patient information for generating precise reports. Furthermore, we offer automated reporting through interfaces and different pre-set test templates.

Automated Reporting

Implement automated report generation to expedite the delivery of standardized results. Enhance efficiency by automating report creation, ensuring timely distribution of critical information to healthcare professionals.

Multiple Templates For Tests

Provide flexibility with a variety of templates for different tests, supporting diverse reporting formats. Tailor reports to specific testing requirements, meeting the varied needs of healthcare practitioners and enabling comprehensive data interpretation.

Configurable Range Interval

Configure reference ranges based on specific patient demographics. Enhance precision in reporting by adjusting reference intervals according to factors such as age, gender, or medical history.

Verify With Past History

Enable comparison with historical data to aid in result verification and trend analysis. Facilitate comprehensive patient care by offering insights into any deviations or patterns observed over time, promoting informed medical decision-making.

Make Sure Lab Reports Are Delivered On Time

LabExpert promptly delivers reports to both patients and healthcare providers upon their availability. It employs advanced tracking features to dispatch lab reports and implements productive strategies to expedite the speed of report delivery.

Automated Report Delivery Over Email/WhatsApp

Enable rapid report distribution through automated delivery via email or WhatsApp. Enhance patient and clinician convenience by providing secure and instant access to critical results, promoting timely healthcare decision-making.

Read Statuses For Delivered Reports

Incorporate read status tracking to confirm whether recipients have accessed and reviewed delivered reports. Improve communication and accountability by providing insights into the acknowledgment and understanding of reported information, ensuring efficient follow-up actions when necessary.

Radiology And Imaging

Unmatched Benefits Of Radiology Lab Management

Efficiently manage radiology processes, from appointment scheduling to reporting and sharing through LabExpert. It reduces processing and reporting turnaround time, streamlining the workflow in your radiology lab.

Image & Document Attachment

The Radiology and Imaging module facilitates image and document attachment, allowing integration of diagnostic visuals and additional documents. This feature enhances comprehensive patient records, supporting precise analysis and collaborative decision-making among healthcare professionals.

Doctor Assignment & Management

Our software facilitates the assignment of doctors to specific cases, management of doctor-approved report counts, and comprehensive handling of finances and revenue - all from a centralized platform.

Remote Reporting

The cloud-based Radiology module provides accessibility from any location, empowering doctors with the advantages of remote reporting benefits.

Manage Bookings Seamlessly With Automated Control

Efficiently handle daily orders for online and walk-in appointments, eliminating redundant manual efforts with our highly effective Patient Scheduling Module.

Appointment & Scheduling

Establish control over online bookings based on time and working hours. Manage various appointments and scheduling with automated systems.

PACS Integration

Integrate PACS software (third party solutions) to analyze and share patient studies, enhancing radiology turnaround time. LabExpert's PACS-enabled radiology workflow management facilitates digital viewing of imaging scans for doctors and radiologists, smooth uploading of high-precision images within seconds for near perfect diagnoses.

Worklist Data Management On Machines

LabExpert directly transmits worklist data to your machine, removing the need for manual data entry during a patient visit.

Easing Radiology Reporting Like Never Before

Ease the radiology reporting and management process online for all stakeholders, reducing redundancy throughout the radiology experience.

Dynamic Templates & Intelligent Snippet

Radiology reporting has never been easier, thanks to dynamic templates and snippets that enable personalized report views. Pre-written texts based on keywords further enhance the process without delays.

Custom Radiology Report Formats

Tailor radiology report formats effortlessly using pre-built templates with user-friendly editor options and no character limits. Our software allows doctors to alleviate the burden of setting up a new format each time, expediting radiology reporting.

Instrument Automation

Instrument Automation introduces improved data management and reporting. Analyzer automation enhances data accuracy, reduces manual errors, and expedites reporting processes. It ensures efficient laboratory operations compliance with standards and empowers data-driven decision-making in healthcare management.

Data Capture, Storage, Retrieval

LabExpert empowers laboratories to capture data from diverse sources like instruments, sensors, and analyzers. Securely stored in the centralized LIMS database, it ensures accessible data for authorized personnel. With robust search and filtering capabilities, it facilitates efficient data retrieval to access needed information.

Generating Accurate & Timely Reports

Leveraging LIMS Integration with instruments significantly improves the generation of precise and prompt reports. Automated data collection from connected instruments eliminates manual entry, minimizing errors, and enables flawless data transfer with analysis. This way, LabExpert accesses relevant data, streamlining the reporting process, minimizing manual effort, and ensuring swift and correct report production.

Data Integrity & Compliance With Regulations

Ensuring data integrity and regulatory compliance are crucial in highly regulated sectors like healthcare and pharmaceuticals. LabExpert incorporates robust security measures, including user authentication and audit trails, to maintain data integrity and traceability. It enforces data validation rules for accurate and complete entries. Supporting regulatory compliance, our LIMS features electronic signatures, version control, and data archiving. These functionalities enable laboratories to meet standards, demonstrating data reliability and traceability, reducing the risk of non-compliance and potential penalties.


OPD Appointment

Booking an appointment has Never Been So easy! Make appointments for registered or unregistered patients with a robust OPD Management Module. One screen to create, view, and manage appointments for various departments of your lab.

Detailed Metrics

Real-time appointment front desk dashboard for efficient patient appointment management.

Easy Booking & Scheduling

Patients can book appointments via the patient portal. Quick scheduling and rescheduling are also available with SMS/WhatsApp notifications.

OPD Patient Registration

Experience a quick and detailed registration process to document patient information, including demographics, identity, and other relevant information. Healthcare facilities and doctors can access patient data anytime and anywhere.

Quick & Easy Process

Interactive front desk dashboard for a fast and efficient patient registration process.

Comprehensive Appointment List

A detailed list of patients is available for easy reach and communication.

Unique ID Numbers

Easily document ABHA number and Aadhar card data with each patient.

Electronic Health Record

LabExpert EHR is a modern-day solution for standardizing and storing patient health records in a secure, practice-friendly manner with an intuitive user interface at the click of a button.

Case Sheet

LabExpert EHR has standardized case sheets in which you can check each patient's medical history in one place.


The platform facilitates digital prescriptions wherein doctors can assign prescriptions in customized templates to patients. Build a prescription in less than a minute!

Documents & Attachments

Lab reports, radiology images, and other health records can be added via attachments.

OPD Billing

LabExpert allows you to add and manage an unlimited number of services and costs for outpatient billing by the department. The platform stores all billable data for reporting and analytics purposes.

User Friendly Interface

User-friendly interfaces only for data entry to create bills faster.

End-To-End Process

OPD billing, pending bills, canceled bills, and much more. Share bills via SMS, and WhatsApp.

Reports & Analytics

OPD referrals and consulting doctor revenue split, payment, and much more.

Doctor Management

Our solution features robust Doctor Management, streamlining interactions with healthcare professionals. This module facilitates efficient appointment scheduling, communication, and collaboration, enhancing coordination between laboratories and doctors for patient care and accurate diagnostic processes.

Conditional Automated Approvals

Introduce conditional approval mechanisms based on predefined rules or criteria, ensuring precise validation of diagnostic reports. Enhance effectiveness by automating the approval process, saving time of healthcare professionals, and reducing turnaround time of verified results.

Multi-Approval Process

Implement a multi-level approval structure to accommodate the complexity of diagnostic reports. Facilitate through validation by involving multiple stakeholders in the approval process, securing a comprehensive and reliable assessment of medical findings.

Approve Reports On The Go

Provide doctors with the flexibility to approve reports remotely, improving ease of use and responsiveness. Enhance workflow efficiency by enabling on-the-go approvals for timely communication of critical diagnostic information to patients.

Digital Signature

Doctors can now digitally approve and sign patient test requisitions, improving the process and compliance.

Insights On Patients' Historical Trends

Enable doctors to access patients' complete health history through the system, empowering them to provide superior care.

Sales Executive To Manage Doctors

Assign dedicated sales executives to manage relationships with doctors and healthcare professionals. Foster communication and collaboration, ensuring personalized service and addressing specific needs and preferences.

Auto IP Generation & Timely Payout

Automate the generation of IP for services rendered by doctors, streamlining the billing process. Ensure timely and error-free payouts in the doctor management module of LabExpert.

Online EHR Management

Retrieve orders, past test history and patient data using our Doctor Management Module by integrating with EMR/EHR.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management module allows you to manage the inventory of the reagents / Consumables used in the Laboratory. You can keep records of the entire data flow starting from requisition to issue, Order to purchases etc.

Centralized & Distributive Stock Management

Our solution excelled beyond conventional features of purchase order software, efficiently gathering requisitions from different branches/departments and distributing stock from a centralized store.

Automated Control & Calibrator Stock Management

Execute timely Quality Controls (QCs) through a stock automation management system. Our online inventory management system enables lab managers to streamline QCs at any time.

Branch/Department Wise Stock

Establish and set up branch-specific logins for collaborative organizations, optimizing stock processing from a centralized location.

Inventory Re-order level & Expiry

Explore Inventory Reorder Level and Expiry features in Inventory Management. This ensures inventory control by setting reorder thresholds and monitoring expiration dates, optimizing stock levels, and maintaining the integrity of laboratory supplies and reagents.

Real-Time Consumption Analytics Of Reagents

Obtain comprehensive consumption details through visual representations. Analyze stock movements based on location. Minimize the time required for both stock distribution and consumption.

Lab Inventory Ledger, Stock Trial & MIS Data

Securely store every piece of inventory data with our cloud-based inventory planning and control platform. Different types of analytical reports will enhance the lab workflow, reduce the inventory misuses and help you to manage inventory precisely.

Franchise (B2B) Management

Secure and Personalized Portals

Elevate the B2B experience for organizations by providing a portal with secure logins. It allows them to access all patient reports and financial information in a centralized location.

Integrated Order Bookings

Efficiently handle orders from various B2B accounts.

Consolidated Finance Management

Seamless tracking and accounting of all transactions across accounts with controlled finance and summaries.

Automate and Streamline Payment Collections

Our B2B lab payment management eliminates payment interruptions, streamlining collection cycles through advanced integration and transaction summary features.

Payment Integration

Integrate payment gateways to facilitate swift transfers and collections for your daily transactions.

Ledgers & Transaction History

Effortlessly track payments using ledgers and transaction histories, ensuring faster and error-free financial balancing.

Real-Time Financial Reports

Establish enhanced control over finance management; mitigate bad debts, and decision-making for various payment types through real-time lab financial reports in LabExpert.

Simplify Invoicing and Management

Streamline invoicing and settlements through email payment reminders and secure payment links, removing the need for follow-ups.

Auto-Invoicing & Management

Automatically generate invoices for all B2B customers and send them via email without any hassle.

Online Invoice Settlements

Facilitate auto-settlements of invoices with an online payment link, simplifying bulk invoice settlements like never before.

Credit Management For Prepaid Customers

Establish credit management controls for accounts with automatic locking and unlocking based on prepaid payments and credit days.

Cash Clients Management

Configure payments, oversee cash clients with clear credit limits, and establish price controls for offline and online payments.

Recharge & Top-ups

Offer increased payment and credit top-up flexibility to your B2B customers through online prepaid recharge and notifications.

Credit Days Blocking

Enhance credit management by implementing automatic account locking for pending prepaid options.

Improve Financial Management in Laboratories with LabExpert to Achieve Better Control

Revamp financial management with the top LIMS System to align with service delivery. Empower streamlined operational needs with a unified, comprehensive application.

Test Prices and Discounts

Effectively handling pricing across different business sources, departments, outsourcing centers, and B2Bs is vital. Our LIMS System simplifies this process by enabling easy pricing management from a centralized location. Moreover, our lab billing system offers control over conditional and other discounts for all centers and B2Bs.

Multiple Rate List

Aid diverse pricing structures for tests and services to accommodate varying financial arrangements. Tailor rates to specific categories for flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Automated Discounting

Implement automated discounting based on predefined criteria like referral sources. Optimize financial management by providing discounts strategically, enhancing patient affordability, and fostering collaborative partnerships.

Promo Codes & Wallets

Introduce promotional codes and wallet features for targeted discounts and cashless transactions. Boost patient engagement with personalized financial options, promoting loyalty and ease of financial transactions.

Patient Privilage Card

Offer a Patient Privilege Card for exclusive benefits, discounts, or financial privileges. Elevate patient satisfaction, loyalty, and overall financial experience by providing personalized incentives and perks.

Lab MIS Reports

Find all the whereabouts of your business in various formats with just one click. Handle your accounting end-of-day balances and daily collections by leveraging MIS reports. These user-friendly reports are easily searchable, filterable, exportable, and shareable through LIMS.

Available MIS In LabExpert
  •  Accession Register
  •  Accession Checklist
  •  Collection Register
  •  Due Register
  •  Discount Register
  •  Refund Register
  •  Collector’s Register
  •  Invoice Register
  •  Master List
  •  Price List
  •  Cash/Bank Book
  •  Business Analysis
  •  Report Delivery Register
  •  Investigation Summary
  •  Log files
  •  Supporting documents for NABL
  • ... and many more

Laboratory Finance Analytics And Insights

Manage your finances effectively with LabExpert. Get real-time insights into your financial data and transactions for informed decision-making. Invest in our innovative LIMS system today for enhanced financial management.

Real-Time Dashboards

Provide instant insights into financial data with real-time dashboards. Enhance decision-making by presenting up-to-the-minute financial metrics, improving overall awareness of business processes.

Performance & Comparative Reports

Generate comprehensive performance reports for financial analysis. Provide comparative reports that assess trends, benchmarks, and variances over time to facilitate informed decision-making.

Operational & Financial Analytics

Incorporate analytics tools to assess both operational and financial aspects. Enable a comprehensive understanding of laboratory performance by combining functional and financial insights.

Data Security & Integrity (NABL standard)

Enhance Transparency With Audit Logs

Our LIMS system's audit logs ensure meticulous recording of every action and step. Whether altering patient information, reports, important transactional data, or modifying master data, effortlessly track and review each activity. This transparency and accountability uphold the highest quality assurance standards in the lab operations.

Data Integrity Compliance with NABL

LabExpert ensures data integrity compliance with NABL standards. Adhering to the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) standards, the system upholds data security, accuracy, and reliability, meeting regulatory requirements for laboratory information management.

Improve Security With Access Control

Access Control is a crucial feature of our LIMS System. This feature empowers you to allocate appropriate access rights to your staff, mitigating the risk of unauthorized changes. It facilitates effective management of discounts, cancellations, and changes to reports and patient information. Through controlled access, you ensure data management and integrity, reinforcing the overall security of your system.

Privacy-First Approach

We prioritize a privacy-first approach in Data Security. The system upholds strict privacy measures. All data communication in LabExpert is encrypted to maintain privacy policies that match regulatory standards.